Direct participation in sports projects

Fully regulated and globally tradable security token

Direct profit participation for investors and fans

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First sports STO worldwide

WorldBitSports is the first security token offering in the sports industry. From token issuance to profit distribution, all steps are regulated in detail.

Direct profit sharing

Investors participate directly in the profits of the projects. The more successful the projects, the higher the return of investment.

Competitive advantages

With its innovating concept and own cryptocurrency, WorldBitSports bridges the gap between the professional sports- and blockchain industry.

Participation in all projects

Risk diversification made easy

Pre-emption rights for all WBS projects

Exploring alternative sources of financing

If traditional sources of finance are insufficient, unavailable or do not offer attractive conditions, WorldBitSports can provide the outstanding financing for upcoming projects.

Diversification to reduce dependencies

Diversifying potential sources of financing reduces the dependency on traditional financiers and at the same time strengthens the club's negotiating position.

Overcoming early financing gaps

Financing is a special challenge, especially in the early project phases. WorldBitSports sees itself as an incubator and not just closes early financing gaps, but also provides networks and expertise.

Our Team

Wolfgang Rolff

Founder, Project Manager

As a former professional player, Wolfgang Rolff played successfully in the Bundesliga, in international competitions and for the German national team, and has a wide range of expertise as well as a solid network of contacts in the world of sport.

Mark McGhee

Project Manager

Mark McGhee is a Scottish football coach and former player, born in January 1957. As a player, he was a striker and played for clubs such as Aberdeen and Hamburger SV. In his coaching career, he has managed various teams, including Reading, Millwall, and Motherwell. His football career spans many years, and his contributions both as a player and a coach have left a mark on the Scottish football scene.

Jens Duve

Project Manager

Jens Duve is a former German football player. The defender played for Hamburger SV and FC St. Pauli in the Bundesliga. Simultaneously with his playing career, he studied business administration at the University of Hamburg. Starting from January 1991, he also worked alongside the then St. Pauli manager Herbert Liedtke in the management of the Bundesliga team.

Oliver Buch

CEO, Founder

Oliver Buch achieved numerous national and international successes as a youth soccer player until he had to end his career due to health problems. Since then, Oliver has been active as an entrepreneur in the financial sector and has brought his strong networks in the world of finance and sport to the project.

Alexander Pick

CEO, Founder

Alexander has over 25 years of experience in the asset and wealth management industries as well as in capital markets. He held senior positions at Deutsche Bank, Allianz Global Investors, Société Générale, Goldman Sachs and UBS. Alexander currently acts as Managing Director of Agon Family and Investment Office. Alexander's expertise in asset and wealth management industries, coupled with his extensive experience in capital markets, brings significant value to WorldBitSports.

H.E.R.M. Vissia Ph.D

Founder, CTO

Herman is pioneering new technology for the semantic web, researches cryptography, and lectures about cryptocurrencies, AI and Blockchain technology. He is also the founder of ByeleX, The Next Innovation Company, helping organizations manoeuvre through avant-garde technology by building tailored software and tech solutions. Herman also founded Liqwith, revolutionizing lending markets through tokenizing of equity.

Mao Lal

CFO, Founder


Mao Lal has been a successful entrepreneur in the financial sector for 20 years and offers extensive expertise in the areas of strategy development, business performance management and blockchain technology. In recent years, Mao has successfully implemented several blockchain projects.

Tanja Brockmann

Social Media Manager

Tanja Brockmann is a versatile personality with a passion for journalism, modeling, and presenting. After completing her training as a beautician and hairdresser, she successfully obtained her high school diploma and began studying journalism at the Westfälische Hochschule in Gelsenkirchen. During her studies, she gained experience at radio, print, and TV companies while also pursuing her career in modeling. Later, she transferred to the Technical University of Cologne, where she successfully completed her journalism studies as an online editor.

Laura Pohl

Social Media Manager

Laura Pohl has already successfully marketed numerous innovative crypto products in the past, knows the industry inside out and has correspondingly in-depth experience in the marketing of financial products that require explanation. She also supports the development team in optimizing the customer journey.

Pierre Göddertz

Creative Director

Pierre Göddertz's dedication is firmly grounded in the belief that digital innovation can be a potent catalyst for the betterment of the world. His belief only propels his relentless efforts to mold WorldBitSports into a visionary powerhouse, pioneering sport's tomorrow. As the Creative Director, he consistently stays one step ahead, envisioning and shaping a future where design and innovative visions unite.

Tobias Roth

Technical Head

Tobias Roth is the technical lead of Worldbitsports. He has led several software and blockchain projects over the last decade and brought many companies' dreams to (technical) life. At Worldbitsports he is responsible for all technical areas including software and hardware infrastructure

Caspar Baumeister

App Developer

As a working student in app development and a mathematics student focusing on algorithmic optimization, machine learning, and deep learning (AI), Caspar combines technical expertise with acrobatic skills. His professional career is marked by experience in developing community apps and data engineering for startups.

Tobias Hamers

Business Developer

As Business Development Manager, Tobias Hamers is responsible for the evolution of WorldBitSports business model and has also coordinated the creation of the online platform and mobile app with the internal engineering team. With over 10 years of experience in blockchain and IT project management, he supports WorldBitSport in several areas.

Paola Wertz

Manager Finance

As financial manager Paola is responsible for reliable, complete recording of the business administration. There are a number of things she enjoys while working at WorldBitSports, such as working as a team to grow the company

Jasmin Omic

Project Manager / Integration

Jasko works as a social worker for various authorities and institutions such as the City of Cologne. He specialises in integration, intercultural communication and conflict management. In addition, he worked out that social work is also becoming more important in the football/sports sector. In this area, he was able to build up a large network of players, clubs and agencies as well as strategic partners.

Christian Schmitt

Technical Advisor

Christian Schmitt is a highly skilled technology expert with extensive experience in the blockchain and digitalization industries. He brings his expertise in automation, Ecosystems, project management, and digital transformation to develop innovative solutions for his clients.

The world's first security token in the sports sector

Fully regulated & globally tradable asset

Hybrid of two worlds: efficient, regulated, scalable

WorldBitSports as a Security Token

WorldBitSports is based on so-called security tokens. These are tokenized company shares that, like a stock, offer various advantages for issuers and investors alike.

Fully regulated asset

WorldBitSports is a fully regulated asset that is supervised by the Autoriteit Financiele Markten in the Netherlands and can be issued at any time, worldwide and at minimal cost.

Blockchain as an efficient infrastructure

By using blockchain technology, WorldBitSports can guarantee fast and cost-effective transferability of company shares. As a security token, there is a change in the settlement structure away from the clearing house to the blockchain infrastructure.

World's first STO in the sports sector

WorldBitSports is the world's first fully regulated and globally tradable security token in the field of sports. The project was realized by an international team from the fields of business and research.

Hybrid of two worlds

WorldBitSports transfers the classic share model to the blockchain, combines the advantages of both worlds and offers its investors optional co-determination rights and profit sharing.

Made for real fans

Developed for fans and clubs: WorldBitSports combines sports expertise and financing on a globally unique platform. We enable projects that were previously unthinkable and actively support fans and clubs across all stages of the project.

Exploring alternative sources of financing

Overcoming early financing gaps

Access to expert network

Overcoming early financing gaps

If traditional sources of finance are insufficient, unavailable or do not offer attractive conditions, WorldBitSports can realize the outstanding financing of upcoming projects.

Diversification to reduce dependencies

Diversifying potential sources of financing reduces the dependency on traditional financiers and at the same time strengthens the club's negotiating position.

Overcoming early financing gaps

Financing is a special challenge, especially in the early project phases. WorldBitSports sees itself as an incubator and not only closes early financing gaps, but also provides networks and expertise

Access to know-how and expert networks

WorldBitSports has access to an extensive network of experts and comprehensive know-how and provides both promising projects to ensure the best possible project progress.

Opening up new international target groups

By sharing the network of experts with potential project sponsors, they can address new, international target groups with whom there were previously no points of contact

Fans as welcome investors

WorldBitSports almost completely overcomes existing barriers to market entry and thus also allows small investors to participate in exciting sports projects. This significantly expands the potential target group for project investors

Direct participation in projects

With WorldBitSports, investors can participate directly in projects, have the option of profit sharing and can even be involved in the decision-making process as part of the community voting.

Implementation of alternative projects

WorldBitSports can also be used to realize projects that do not promise purely monetary added value. Fan, charity and other heartfelt projects can be implemented by fans, club members and other altruistic investors.

WorldBitSports as a full service provider

Centralized management & controlling

Hub for all projects: The WBS Plaza

WorldBitSports is a full service provider

More than a consultant, a financier or a network of experts... WorldBitSports is an incubator that realizes the most promising projects of all kinds in the field of sports. We limit ourselves neither to individual sports nor to individual phases of project realization. We pursue a holistic approach in several respects and support project initiators with a wide range of services that can be used on a modular basis.

The legal framework

From the whitepaper to the company foundation to the complete prospectus. We provide project sponsors with an individually tailored legal framework and define the legal conditions of the security token in close cooperation.

The technical framework

In addition, we also provide the technical framework. Together with the project sponsors, we create our own project-related security token, provide wallets and jointly create the matching smart contract.

Supporting project management

We help project sponsors to realize their visions, actively support them in project management and help them to keep an eye on all stakeholders by providing appropriate tools, expertise and, if required, a dedicated project manager.

A network of experts

As an incubator, WorldBitSports provides its project sponsors with an extensive network of various industry experts who can actively support the implementation of the projects with their know-how.

Do not sell the project under value

WorldBitSports has developed its own DApp in which all projects can be managed centrally and the associated assets protected in accordance with the latest security standards. We not only take care of the integration, but also support the project throughout all phases.

The WBS Plaza as a central hub

The WBS Plaza was created as a central hub for all WorldBitSports projects. All projects can be advertised here. Investors have the opportunity to compile their own portfolio here. Project providers benefit from an existing customer base and cross-selling effects.

We help you reach the right community

The blockchain community uses its own means of communication and pursues its own wording in the area of marketing. WorldBitSports therefore actively helps project sponsors to identify relevant target groups and actively supports them in planning marketing measures.

User-friendly mobile app

WorldBitSports provides all project owners with a mobile app that is based on modern neo-brokers in terms of convenient functions and user-friendliness. Investors can use the WBS app to manage their assets, to trade them, invest in new assets and network within the community.

For smooth on-boarding

As a security token, WorldBitSports projects are subject to certain regulatory requirements. We support the project providers in all areas in this regard and also ensure a customer-friendly know-your-customer (KYC) process.

For the safe custody of assets

Whether project sponsors, investors or fans: the security tokens issued as part of the project are all stored in digital wallets. WorldBitSports has its own wallet creation tool that provides all stakeholders with a user-friendly and secure wallet in a matter of seconds.

Hosting & maintenance by internal team of experts

Egal ob Projektgeber, Investoren oder Fans: Die im Zuge des Projektes emittierten Security Tokens werden alle in digitalen Brieftaschen, sogenannten Wallets, hinterlegt. WorldBitSports verfügt über ein eigenes Wallet-Creation-Tool, das allen Stakeholdern eine benutzerfreundliche und sichere Wallet in Sekundenschnelle bereitstellt.

Safety as a priority

The integrity and security of the data has top priority. For this reason, the servers are hosted in-house in a specially secured facility in Europe. Maintenance of the DApp, the mobile app and the servers themselves is also carried out by an in-house team of experts.

The payment system as a success factor

In order to make it as easy as possible to raise capital, WorldBitSports has aligned its payment processes with current neo-brokers. The issued security tokens can be easily purchased by investors via credit or debit card, bank transfer, PayPal and cryptocurrencies.


Proof of concept

Successful implementation of the proof of concept.


Founding of WorldBitSports B.V.

Founding of WorldBitSports B.V. in the Netherlands.


Start of software development

Implementation of the software solution for the administration and issuance of the WorldBitSports.


Meeting the legal framework conditions

Compliance with all official requirements for the start of the STO of WorldBitSports.


Implementation of first blockchain functions

Implementation of first blockchain functions and further development of the DApp of WorldBitSports.


Start Development

Development start of the WBS PLAZA including implementation of first pilot projects.



Beta version of DApp

Beta version of DApp will be tested and continuously improved.Successful implementation of the proof of concept.


Security Token Sale

Launch of the world’s first security token sales for the sports industry.


Acquisition of further pilot projects


Evaluation of new pilot projects Analysis



Extension of the WBS Plaza

Integration of new core functions of the WBS Plaza.


Redesign of the WBS Plaza

Customization of the UI design of the WBS Plaza.



Start of the marketing campaign

Market entry into the mass market.


Global expansion

Worldwide expansion in cooperation with international contract.

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